Saturday, July 27, 2013

Planning for 2013 and 2014

After a so-so 2012 triathlon experience, I decided to do things right this year.

First, I bought the tri bike I have been drooling over for the last year. My precious 2013 Trek Speed Concept 7.0 joined our family on May 4, 2013Finally the owner of a tri bike, I permanently parked my demoted 2006 Specialized Dolce on the stationary trainer to make my sweaty cave of pain sessions more convenient. Hubby +Mike and I now have nearly matching his and her Speed Concepts (his is a 2011), making us annoyingly cute when we go for rides together.  I am loving my new bike, and feel like a legit cyclist/triathlete when I take her out on local roads and to races. 

Looking for redemption after a DNS last year, in early June I registered for the 2013 edition of Ironman 70.3 Miamitaking place October 27. Miami is great because it's drivable, meaning I don't have to dismantle and ship my bike for my second attempt at my first entree to long distance triathlon (added bonus: we can drop off our five-year-old with grandma and grandpa on the way). Mike is considering doing Miami again this fall but is waiting until later in the season to see how his training is going and how well we are balancing both of us training with our wild and crazy life of kids and work.

After registering for Miami 70.3, I got brave and signed up for a couple of 2014 races. Big races. No joke, must ship bike, expensive, committed by blood races. 

First, my Iron "Aunt" (she's only 4 years older than me) Heather has had 2014 Ironman 70.3 Hawaii on her radar for a couple of years and planned to race it to celebrate her 40th birthday.  Perfectly, the 2014 race is ON her birthday!  Heather and I signed up the minute registration opened, and Mike signed up a few days later after applying some competitive pressure. We are looking forward to celebrating Heather's 40th with her to add some of our own sweat to the Queen K.

So, with Hawaii on the agenda, why not go bigger? Heather had her eye on the inaugural Ironman Boulder as part of her 2014 race schedule and I had planned to be there to cheer her on. However, with the opportunity to complete my first iron-distance race on home turf and to have Heather on the course with me, I wanted to be a part of the race, not spectate. I knew my coaches would be stoked as they are as amped up about a full iron-distance race in Colorado as I am, so after getting their approval, I committed myself to my first 14+ hour, boundary-testing, introspection-inducing swim-bike-run adventure. I am both freaked out and insanely excited to make this massive next step in my age-grouper endurance sport career.

Given my grandiose plans for the next 13 months, I suppose I should finish up my coffee and get out for a ride. Or maybe I'll take a Saturday nap, and then go for a ride.


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