Saturday, January 28, 2012

Swamp House, here I come!

Registered for the Swamp House Half Marathon, first foot race of the season. Love that the race cost just $38.60 -- this is drastically less than any half marathon I've ever run.  One of the advantages of small races!

I am considering entering the Clermont Challenge (March 3, one week before the Swamp House Half), as my first tri of the season.  The race is supposed to attract triathletes slated to participate in the 2012 Olympics, so the star factor alone is enticing.  However, the biggest draw is that it's close to home.  I was planning on Club Med Tri #1 in Port St. Lucie (February 26) as my first tri of the year, but since it's further away it'd require an overnight stay (and, consequently, a lot more planning).  So, the Clermont Challenge is probably going to be the one...

Heading out for a 6-8 mile run before getting ready for MJ's birthday party today.  Lots of cupcakes and pizza to work off!

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