Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Back in the Game: 2017 70.3 Boulder

Target Race
So, after 3+ years out of the endurance sport scene with my last race (not counting Thanksgiving 4-Miler in 2015) being 2013 70.3 Miami, I finally decided to get back in the game.  Yesterday, I renewed my USAT membership (even that was exciting!) and registered for 2017 70.3 Boulder.

Not having trained for the better part of the last year, I'm grossly out of shape and I've gained a bunch of weight.  To get back in shape and lose weight I need to have a race target.  It's just how my mind works.  Without a race target I feel like I'm blowin' in the wind ...

Where are the CO Triathlons?
I'm now researching shorter races I can do leading up to 70.3 Boulder, and boy, the triathlon scene is a lot different in CO than it is in FL.  There have to be 2017 races that I'm missing or simply aren't advertised yet.  I'm just not finding a lot to choose from.  In Florida, there is a healthy triathlon calendar by April, with some races even taking place in March.  Understandably, OWS in March in Colorado is much less appealing than it is in Florida.  And, it's a bit difficult to ride a tri or road bike with snow on the ground.  I'm going to have to adapt to not doing many shorter races before Boulder or find new race sources.  So far, all I've found is Tri the Boat in Steamboat Springs, which has sprint, Olympic, and 70.3 distances, in June 2017.  Right now I'm targeting the Olympic, with hope that I can find at least one sprint scheduled in May.  There have to be more CO races!

Coach Shopping and Base Training
I'm also coach shopping.  I have a couple of coaches I'm interested in and hope to talk with them soon.  Initially, I thought I wanted to sign up with a coach right away, but then I realized I really need to build my base to give a coach something to work with.

I'm basically at "couch" level right now.  A tibial stress fracture and broken fifth metatarsal in late 2015 left me unable to run for months, and now I'm hesitant to run for fear of re-injuring myself.  To boot, my cardio threshold is so low that I currently can't run more than two minute intervals at a time and three miles is pushing it.  This is really, really disheartening as I've always been able to run.  It's been my mainstay.  My therapy.  For years, my fitness was such that I could get out for a 10-miler any time.  I need to get that back.  Not surprisingly, my bike mojo is abysmal, with an average of two (yes, two) rides per month.  I swam -- once -- shortly after we switched gyms this summer.  That was my first swim in over a year.

So yeah, I need to build a base.  Today is Day 1.